All events take place in the Weismann-Haus lecture hall at 17:30, unless otherwise indicated.

SGBM doctoral fellows present their work to their peers (all research areas).

Here are a few tips how to prepare your presentation:


Schedule January-June 2024:

Tuesday, January 9 - EXTRAORDINARY
Jonas Hammerl (Wilde lab)
Neda Hosseini (Schwemmle lab)
Tiago Martins (Henneke lab)

Tuesday, February 6
Lena Appel (Boll lab)
Vincent Idstein (Schamel lab)
Hong Jiang (Koch lab)

Tuesday, March 5
Clara Dufossez (Groß lab)
Verena Holzmüller (Zeiser lab)
Martin Milanov (Koch lab)

Tuesday, April 9
Anna-Sophia Baur (Köhler lab)
Anna Klawonn (Schmidts lab)
Paola Ruiz (Voll lab)

Tuesday, May 7
Trinh Dao (Jessen-Trefzer lab)
Shamphavi Sivabalasarma (Albers lab)
Sophie Weyrauch (Hugel lab)

Tuesday, June 4
Claudia Juraske (Schamel lab)
Alessia Scerna (Kleine-Vehn lab)
Franziska Schedel (Köhn lab)