Research Centers in Freiburg Print

Note: SFB stands for Collaborative Research Center

BCF-Bernstein Center Freiburg

BIOSS-Centre for Biological Signalling Studies


CCI - Center of Chronic Immunodeficiency

CIBSS - Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies

SFB 746 - Functional Specificity by Coupling and Modification of Proteins

SFB 850 - Control of cell motility during morphogenesis, tumor invasion and metastasis

SFB 992 - MEDEP Medical Epigenetics

SFB 1140 - Kidney Disease - from Genes to Mechanisms (KIDGEM)

SFB 1160 - Immune-mediated pathology as a consequence of impaired immune reactions (IMPATH)

SFB TRR 130 - B Cells: Immunity and Autoimmunity (Transregional Collaborative Research Center)

SFB TRR 179 - Determinants and dynamics of elimination versus persistence of hepatitis virus infection

ZBSA-Center for Systems Biology