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Neurosciences research has a long tradition in Freiburg and includes studies on:
- nervous system development
- mechanisms of synaptic transmission
- the role of GABAergic interneurons in network dynamics
- voltage-activated calcium channels
- network activity and neuropathological changes accompanying epileptic disorders (Clinical Neurocenter)
- neuroimmunology in central nervous system (CNS) inflammation and neurodegeneration
- myeloid cells in CNS diseases
- network organization and dynamics (Bernstein Center Freiburg BCF, Cluster of Excellence BrainLinks - BrainTools BL-BT and Bernstein Focus: Neurotechnology Freiburg/Tübingen BFNT)
- brain-machine interfacing BMI

We participate in the Collaborative Research Centers and Training Groups such as "Functional specificity by coupling and modification of proteins" SFB 746.

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Credit: Michael Strüber, Parvalbumin-expressing basket cells in the hippocampal dentate gyrus transfected with an AAV encoding GFP


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